A Guide To Setting Up A Tiktok Ad Campaign

TikTok offers access to a wide range of audiences, therefore providing a lot of warm leads. Mastering the art of TikTok is essential for taking the marketing strategy of a business to the next level. Step by step guide to TikTok advertising

TikTok is a user-friendly app, and creating ads on it is not a complicated process. The key to creating engaging videos is getting familiar with all the essential components of the app that need to work together to set a successful advertising campaign.

Setting Up A Tiktok Ad Campaign

The step-by-step guide can help in understanding and establishing an eye-catching TikTok campaign.

Establishing An Ad Campaign

If you want to use TikTok to get more customers then you will need to come with a campaign. Coming with the campaign objects is the first and vital step. TikTok can assist in spreading brand awareness, increasing sales, finding new clients, boosting app installs, and attracting more traffic.

Choosing Campaign Name And Budget

Setting a budget allows you to keep track of the marketing budget and control the delivery of the ads. You also get to measure the performance of the ads and make improvements accordingly.

TikTok offers three budget choices. There is the option of an unlimited budget, which does not come with any restrictions on delivering ads at a campaign level.

You can choose ad delivery that is limited by the total and daily budget at a campaign level. It puts a limit on the daily and total spend of all the ads included in the campaign.
The app offers the option of multiple ad groups to optimize the marketing efforts.

Creating An Ad Group

TikTok advertising is becoming a popular choice among businesses because it sets up the placement of ads, budgets, goals, bids for the ad group, and target audiences.

Finding Best Ad Placements

You have the option of choosing your ad placement or selecting automatic placements. The automatic placements allow TikTok to optimize the delivery of ads across all the chosen placements. Check the list of placements available to you as well.

Provide Ad Details

The ad details section asks for information regarding the landing page or app you want to promote. In this section, you will need to clarify the type of promotion you are aiming for. You can choose between the promotion of the website and app install.

Select the category for the ad that can describe the ad in the best way and make the best of the advertising model provided by TikTok. You get to choose up to 20 tags to describe what you are advertising. The tags are used by

TikTok algorithms to put the ads in front of relevant audiences. You can choose whether the audience can comment on the ad or not. You can also prevent viewers from downloading the videos.

Setting Target Audience

TikTok has several options for creating and excluding audiences. You can narrow down the audiences using demographics and device options such as carrier, operating system, age, interests, gender, etc.

Setting Schedule

TikTok allows you to set a schedule for the ads. You get to set a starting and end date for the ads. You can choose the ads to run continuously or run at specific times of the day.

Deciding Optimization Goals And Bidding Method

When you are advertising through TikTok, you get to choose the optimization and bidding method. By selecting the campaign objectives, the optimizations goals will be set by default. There are options available for optimizing clicks, reach, and conversions.

The billing events are set automatically by your optimized goal. The option of smart optimization allows improving conversion rate by using smart delivery of the ads.

The standard bidding method provides stricter control regarding the cost per result to ensure the average cost stays within the bid you set. Choose the amount you are willing to pay for each click, conversion, or per thousand impressions, and TikTok will use the algorithm to deliver the ads effectively. The standard delivery ensures even spending of the budget. The Accelerate delivery type will result in quick spending of the budget.

Create An Ad

Once you have worked through all the options, it is time to choose images and videos and create an ad. Adding call-to-action buttons in the ad makes them more effective in improving conversion rate. Several editing tools can help in creating high-quality ads.


There is not much difference between advertising on TikTok and other social media platforms. Learning the key aspects and tricks, and tips of using TikTok for marketing is crucial for mastering the art of successful TikTok ads.