How to Create TikTok Ads that Convert

How to Create TikTok Ads that Convert

Every platform used for marketing has an algorithm that is responsible for regulating its operations. TikTok just like all the other platforms uses an algorithm to rank the content. It does not serve the ads to the highest bidder because it considers other things such as quality and its potential to engage users.

TikTok allows companies to think out of the box and push the creative boundaries while creating the ads.

How to Create TikTok Ads that Convert?

The number of active users of TikTok is increasing which makes it a perfect venue for searching for potential clients. A marketing campaign that fails to get the attention of the target audience is a waste of time and resources.

The purpose of ads is to convince people to invest in whatever you are offering, so the TikTok ads must take advantage of the high engagement rate of TikTok and contribute to increasing sales.

The average engagement rate of TikTok is higher than other social media platforms so there are more opportunities for converting leads. If the ads are not converting the leads into sales then they are not serving their purpose.

Here are some tips for creating ads that increase the conversion rate and build up the clientele.

Use Templates

To create the best TikTok ads, start working with the templates. There are many platforms and apps like Biteabe and Boosted that are perfect tools for creating high-quality ads. The story templates provided by the apps allow you to find the best designs for the ads and customize them to your needs. The templates heighten the aesthetic appeal of the ads, attract more views, therefore, increase the conversion rate.

Follow TikTok Ad Format and Specifications

TikTok has certain specifications that must be satisfied otherwise the ads will just disappear under the sea of videos. Make sure you are clear about the image size and video format so you can follow the criteria strictly.
TikTok offers the option of video and image ads.

The video file you upload should be 5 to 60 seconds in length. The size must be up to 500 MB and have a format of 1:1, 16:9, or 9:16.
There are no strict specifications for image ads. There are no size or resolution restrictions but a maximum size of 500 KB and resolution of ≥1200*628px is suggested by the app.

Staying true to the format and specifications increases the visibility of the ads and they become more productive.

Get inspired

Thousands of video and image ads are uploaded on TikTok every day. If you find it hard to get a design that is the best representation of what you are advertising, you can always get inspiration from other brands.

Several companies are running successful marketing campaigns on TikTok. If your campaign is weak and failing to get the desired result then look at what your successful competition is doing.

Looking at the competition’s marketing efforts is a viable option to get the creative juices flowing but do not mistake inspiration for freedom to copy whatever the other company is doing. Make sure the ads are realistic and genuine. The ad must not feel like an ad but rather like an interesting story. Take time to understand your target audience and tailor the ads accordingly so the viewers find the ads relatable.

Include Social Proof

To increase the conversion rate, the ads must be convincing. User reviews are powerful and highly effective in convincing people to invest in whatever you are offering.
People prefer to buy from companies that value their customers and pay attention to their suggestions and opinions.

Putting social proof in the marketing campaigns shows potential customers that there are plenty of people who trust your brand and it will encourage other people to do the same. Make customer feedback part of your marketing campaign and there will be a surge in sales.

Make the Best of Call to Action

The simplest and easiest way of encouraging users to take action is to give them direction using a call to action. Directing the users to the link of something they want increases the chances of a sale. Adding the directive in the video will make them more appealing and easy to follow.

Adding more than one request in a single ad will result in viewers losing interest because they do not appreciate blatant advertising.


Engaging TikTok ads are highly likely to turn potential leads into sales. To improve the visibility of the ads you will have to work on the quality and content of the ads because the algorithm does not allow you to pay your way to the top. Compelling ads that are tailored specifically for TikTok are essential for successful marketing campaigns on the app.