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Best Luxury SUVs in 2021 

The current luxury SUVs have so much to offer including; comfort, spacious interiors, powerful towing ability, and we cannot afford to forget the cutting edge technology. These cars bring a lot more to the table than just savage strength and size. Luxury vehicles are multifaceted enough to haul gear and passengers up the hill for a camping experience and cruise down the high road after a night in town.  So if you are an SUV buyer with beaming expectations and the budget to match it, you will not be disappointed since there is a plethora of luxury SUVs to choose from. All of them have different strengths so it is best to carry out your research first before making a decision. Check out our top picks of the best luxury SUVs available in the market today.

2021 Porsche Macan 

The legendary Porsche Macan builds on its impressive iconic efforts to meet enthusiastic drivers’ expectations who look forward to the ultimate performance from this luxury SUV. With a look that undoubtedly belongs to a Porsche, the new Macan has a coupe-like that features a sports car contour characteristic. The rear accentuates the new four-point brake lights.

The new 10.9-inch touch screen offers full-HD resolution and a personalized start screen giving you undisputed multimedia control. The sense of control behind the wheel is powered by the four-wheel-drive system Porsche Traction management and the Porsche Active Suspension management.  What’s more, the Macan is available in different distinguishing models making it easy to choose your preferred type according to your driving style. Some of the outstanding key features include;

  • Multipurpose GT sports steering wheel (optional)
  • Four-wheel drive system
  • Top-notch navigation system giving you online map and traffic updates
  • Available high-tech surround system
  • Turbocharged engine with a 7-speed Porsche ultimate transmission system with an automatic start and stop function.

2021 Audi Q7 Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 sets the pace for modern luxury SUV full size. The Q7 comes close to the Audi Quattro, a four-wheel drive that can deliver outstanding performance. The impressive turbocharged engine is optional but provides an excellent horsepower of 335. The vehicle also boasts the latest safety technologies, including collision preventive technology,  traffic jam assist and pedestrian detection. With such safety features, you are surely protected from avoidable accidents such as knocking down a pedestrian. The Q7 headlights and taillights are both LED. Q7 received an award for leading advancement technology under the category ten best UX award. Some of the critical features of this vehicle include;

  • Turbocharged TFSI 335 horsepower v6 engine available
  • A top view camera parking system which is optional
  • Six months trial subscription
  • Virtual Audi cockpit
  • Third-row seating with electric fold

2021 Lexus RX 

If you are looking for value and a heightened sense of luxury, you shouldn’t look further than the Lexus RX. With a horsepower of 295 A and a 3.5-litre v6 engine. Lexus launched the first hybrid luxury SUV, and that heritage has trickled down to the RX hybrid.  If you want to get the Lexus hybrid drive experience, then you should opt for RX 450H.

The RX 450H boasts several outstanding features, including an Atkinson-cycle v6 engine that provides efficiency at the expense of power density. Also, it has miles per gallon, which guarantees you that you will be saving on fuel. The RX model takes performance to the next level with striking exterior styling and adaptive variable suspension that gives you a smooth ride even though the road is marred with potholes.

The Lexus RX has three rows of seats which makes a seven-passenger vehicle. If you have a big family, this is the luxury family car you should be going for.  The interior features include a panoramic view monitor, Levinson surround speaker and a 12.3-inch multimedia high-resolution display. Critics continue to flow in for the RX model, but over and above, it is a car that you would want to cruise in. Some of the key features include;

  • A rare automatic door that you need to touch
  • Heated rear seats
  • V6 engine with an eight-speed power transmission
  • Triple beam LED headlamps
  • High-end safety, which includes ten airbags


Luxury SUVs have a lot going on for them, from comfort to space and do not even get started on the high technology. If you have not gotten a ride yet, then you should be considering these latest model SUVs. The intense competition in the market has led to various companies putting their best foot forward and coming up with some significant innovations. For example, don’t you think the pedestrian detector is impressive and insightful to the driver? Currently, in the market, you can choose a luxury SUV that fits your personality and desires perfectly and drive off without having to worry about potholes and speed bumps due to the robust suspension system.