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How To Make The Most Of Your Test Drive 

Most used car sellers are not trying to dupe you into buying an upcoming repair bill, but some are. That is why informed car shoppers will go the extra mile to ensure the car is in a good state. A thorough inspection and test drives are ways that you can use to identify any concealed problems. Once you buy your new ride, you want to enjoy it first before making trips to the mechanic. Listening to expert reviews is okay, but you should not solely depend on their studies to know more about the car. Fortunately, most car sellers always give out an opportunity for the buyer to drive the car around before buying it. Here are some tips to help you maximize on your test drive to avoid regrets.

Know What A Test Drive Is 

One of the most exciting things is finally getting a feel of the car you have been dreaming of. You will get a sense of how the car functions, the essential parts, and if you are comfortable in the driver’s seat. However, sometimes we are overwhelmed with excitement and may fail to notice if there is something wrong. Don’t let the smell of the new car have you believe that new cars are trustworthy.

You will be parting with thousands of dollars; thus, you cannot afford to make an expensive mistake. Therefore you have to take advantage of the test drive to avoid purchasing a faulty car. Some consumers only concentrate on aesthetics during a test drive; this is wrong. It would be best if you focused on its functionality. For example, how the engine sounds, and how much time the car takes to pick up speed these are some of the few things you may need to look at.

Come Up With A List Of Your Preferences

Our needs when looking for vehicles vary. Some people value speed, handling, and performance, while others hold comfort and safety in high regard. Whatever your priorities are, take note of them and focus on them during the test drive.

Go With A Friend 

It is always good to seek a second opinion seeing as sometimes excitement can get the best of us, and you may not notice some faults in the car. However, if you tag a friend along, they will keep an open mind and tell you when something is wrong. Also, it would be best if you both took turns driving the car so that you can all have a taste of both the passenger side and the driver’s side.

Plan The Route Car Trip

It is essential to figure out the best places to take the car for a drive beforehand.  Is there a highway around? Are there rough and smooth roads? Will the road provide an opportunity to accelerate and decelerate and take instant brakes?  The best roads to try a new car are highways since they give real road experience. Therefore before going for a test drive, find the best route that will enable you to learn the finer details of the car’s functionality.

Drive It Like It Is Your Car

Holding off and driving the car gently will not give you accurate results, not to mean that you should be reckless. You should move it the way you would drive your car in town and on the highway. Some of the things you should do include;

  • Test the brakes and safety features. Take note if there is any noise being produced once you step on the brakes.  Decide if you are comfortable with the brakes functionality in case of an emergency.
  • Are the steering and handling smooth?
  • Test the car’s suspension.  How is the vehicle when on slow bumps or other road bumps?
  • How easy is it to accelerate and decelerate? Are you comfortable with the speed?

Look At The In-Car Features 

Buttons and screens should be accessible so that you do not get distracted when driving. Therefore you need to ensure they are at arm’s length so that you can regulate your AC or change your music as you drive. If the in-suite entertainment is a priority for you, ensure you check the quality of the radio system. Find out if the heater and the air conditioner are working. If other accessories are missing, they can always be added, that should not be a cause for concern.

Park The Car 

Try and find a parking spot where you can parallel park the car for a few minutes. Parking will give you a glimpse at how wide or long the vehicle is. You will also get a chance to note where the blind spots of the car are.

Final Take 

Finding a perfect car is not a walk in the park. You will have to exercise a lot of thinking and discernment before you finally make the right pick. Ensure you engage other parties such as friends and family to get their opinion on the different car options. Additionally, do not shy away from asking the dealer questions. And when you are given the car to take it for a test drive, ensure you make the most of it.