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Important Safety Rules to Follow for Your Home Elevators

We have often heard people talking about the dangers of installing an elevator at home. The parents of small children, in particular, are more likely to be anxious about this form of technology. Although there is some reality to this fear. Isn’t it true that every piece of technology, including cars and machines, adheres to certain safety rules? 

Taking into account the increasing number of people who are installing elevators in their homes, perhaps you should try it as well. And If you are someone who has already put up a home elevator, then you must consider the safety rules to ensure your safe transportation.  Following are some important safety rules for your home elevator to ensure that you enjoy it without experiencing any danger. 

Do Not Overload the Lift Beyond Its Capacity

There is a maximum weight capacity for every lift. And residential elevators especially have a lower capacity than heavy-duty commercial elevators. Hence, it is important to be mindful of your elevator’s maximum weight capacity and do not exceed the limit.  

In certain situations when it may be necessary to carry out heavy tasks, for example, shifting furniture. In that case, it would be better to load them one at a time instead of loading them all at once. This will ensure the safety, and durability of your home elevator. 

Don’t Stand in the Doorway

Computers control elevators, making them shut or open tightly. Unlike normal house doors, you can not stop them if they are closing at command. That is why you should never stand in the doorway. And while boarding, be sure that no part of your body is in the way, such as a foot, leg, or hand. 

Even if you have installed door closing sensors and they are working perfectly, you should still take precautions. 

Keep the Elevator Clean

The elevator is a mechanical device that operates using electrical equipment and wiring. If you don’t keep the elevator clean, debris could get stuck in the elevator’s system or door track, causing it to malfunction. You should also be very careful to not spill water or liquid in the elevator or to wash it with water. As water can make its way through the narrowest openings, the results may be unpleasant. 

Never Try to Open a Jammed Elevator Door with Hands

If, after closing the door, you forget something or decide to open it for any urgent reason, do not open it with your hands. Instead, use the reopen button in case of an emergency. 

Similarly, if you feel as if you are stuck in an elevator because the door is stuck, signal for help and avoid opening the door with your hands. This won’t open the door, but your hand might get stuck, making the situation worse. 

Do Not Rush Out When the Door is Still Opening

It is evident that we live in an age of hurry, but it’s always best to follow the rules which are set up to keep us safe. So, if you have reached your desired floor and the door is opening,  do not try to rush out of the elevator until the door is completely open. Instead, stand still until the door is completely opened. There is a possibility that the door may close again and you will get injured. 

In Case of Emergency Take Stairs

Any time there is an unfortunate event, such as a flood, fire, or earthquake, it is natural to instinctively choose the faster and easier method of evacuation, which is taking the elevator. Although it may seem like the fastest and safest option, it is not.  In the event of a fire, the elevator may become inoperable, and you may stay stuck inside. During these circumstances, the stairs are the best option. 

Setting an Easy to Access Alarm Button

It can sometimes be dangerous for your children if they use the elevator. It is best if you have an accessible button in the lift. Furthermore, you should teach your children to press the button in case of an unfortunate event or if something feels abnormal. 

Additionally, you want to make sure your children safely use the elevator. So if something bad happens, they would either know how to handle it themselves or call for help. 

Never Try to Forcefully Get Out of Stalled Elevator

If for some reason the door gets stuck and does not open, you are still safe. Do not try to exit the elevator.  Never try to climb out of a stalled elevator

Press the emergency button and be patient until the trained emergency personnel arrive.