Home Elevators

What Safety Features Should All Home Elevators Have? 

In modern houses, exotic inventions are becoming part of everyday life. We benefit from these innovations on both a comfort and safety level. Putting up an elevator is one of these many technologies that have enhanced our quality of life at home. 

However, installing this giant piece of equipment is not without its risks if safety measures are not followed. Hence, our goal is to improve and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones at home. Here are some safety features you should consider adding to your home elevator if you have a lift at home.

Door Lock Sensor

A door lock sensor ensures safety If the elevator door isn’t closed properly.  For example, if something gets in the door track; it can be a material thing, or a kid accidentally standing in the way. The door lock prevents the elevator from running. This is a brilliant safety option, especially for children. 

Door Clutch

A door clutch is responsible for automatically opening the elevator door when the lift reaches the desired floor. It ensures that by any chance or accident you do not open the door and step out in the empty shaft. It will only open the door when the lift reaches the floor and stops.

This clutch will release the door to open and close mechanically but will hold it closed in case of any emergency. Door clutches must be mounted on a door closer so that they can work together.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are small lights that get power from either a battery or another source of energy. If the lift stops working, these lights are a great source of relief. They will keep the necessary illumination until help arrives. 


Handrails on elevators are extremely helpful. First of all, it protects you from falling and makes you feel secure. Also, it is an indispensable tool for the senior members of the family. 

Emergency Phone

Another safety feature of the home elevator is an emergency phone. It is your source of communication in case something unfortunate happens. 

Over Speed Governor

A speed governor monitors the elevator’s speed and gets activated when the speed exceeds the limit. You can imagine if the speed of your home elevator was 1 m per second, but due to some malfunctioning it increased to 1.4 m per second, the system would detect the malfunction instantly and cut the drive off. In case of a broken elevator rope, it will also hold the cabin in place. 

Overtravel Protector 

As the name suggests, this feature prevents an elevator from over traveling. For example, during an upward trip, the lift will stop before it touches the ceiling. When going down, it will stop the elevator before it touches the pit. 

Overload Sensor

It is common for people to begin taking things for granted when they become accustomed to them. In the case of elevators, we tend to completely ignore loading limits after getting used to using them. These are the things that cause accidents. 

Getting an overload sensor ensures that the weight is not exceeded. If the elevator will stop taking commands and sends an alarm. It will only allow the car to move if the weight is within the limit. 

Auto Rescue Device

This is one of the most amazing things you can do to ensure a safe landing every time. This is a battery-powered device that works as an extra power source. This device activates in the event of a main power failure, lands the traveler at the nearest possible floor, and automatically opens the door.

Buffer Spring

Adding buffer springs to the pit of the elevator provides a safer ride. These springs provide safety in case of free fall. Also, they act as a counterweight in case of overtravel and absorbs the impact. 

Emergency Alarm

This is another battery-operated tool that is functional regardless of whether or not the main power source is available. It is particularly convenient to use. All you or your child has to do is press the alarm button and it will send a signal in the house for help.

In a Nutshell 

Apparently, all the tools may sound like too many overhead expenses. However what’s more precious than human life? Especially when it’s your loved ones’ life. 

Having these little pieces of equipment will protect you and your family from any dangers, and give you constant peace of mind even when you are not around, knowing that people using the lift in the house are safe.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have installed all the safety features to ensure safety. You should still regularly check all these equipment pieces to make sure they are working the way they should. If any of these stops working or shows any sign of abnormalities like an unusual sound or performance,  lock the lift and check the system. If you could not resolve the issue, seek expert help.